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Sheet service.

How it works

  • 1

    Choose your template for your required reporting from: PRS, Rapidcue or SESAC

  • 2

    To create your headers, input the information about your programme e.g. Programme title, Producer, Director etc.

  • 3

    Upload your EDL file, either by single file or multiple files. You can also choose to enter tracks manually or search for them using track title, a composer or album code.

  • 4

    Your Cue Sheet will automatically generate and populate all information, including copyright information, time in/out, track duration etc. You can also edit and add information if required.

  • 5

    Export your Cue Sheet into XLS to send to your Cue Sheet administrator or client.

Cuesheets Made Simple

An Industry leading automated Cue Sheet tool. Simply upload your exported EDL files to produce a Cue Sheet automatically including copyright information for Production and Commercial Music.

Automatic Cue Sheet generates its copyright information from “The Most Complete Music Catalogue In The World”. With every chart hit since the charts began in 1952 and over 1 million production music library tracks too. WAVs available to download on a Pay As You Go or monthly contract from www.ilikemusic.com

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